A Message From First Line Medic's Founder

Hi There, Thanks for checking out First Line Medic!


Many Police Officers are now starting to order their own medical supplies in order to aid themselves and other people. To help officers buy life-saving equipment at an affordable price, I launched First Line Medic.


Our aim is to provide Police Officers, Medics and the General Public with trauma kits and equipment to allow them to save lives, all for an affordable price. Saving life shouldn't be expensive.


Through my basic training as a combat medical technician and working within the job, I've built these medical kits specifically to treat the most common trauma injuries you'll come across on patrol or during everyday life. Each pack has it's own focus, for example, the Catastrophic Bleeding kit is perfect for officers working in areas with high knife crime.


For me, First Line Medic isn't about profits - it's about saving lives. Therefore, our products have a slim profit margin and the profits we do collect get invested back into the company.


On this site, you'll find loads of Medical Supplies and kits, plus some informative articles on first aid and trauma care. Take some time to look around, and if you have any questions drop me an email (jay@firstlinemedic.com)


Thanks for your support,

Founder, First Line Medic