Update on Chest Seals Supplied in FLM Kits

Our focus is to provide customers with the equipment required to save lives when seconds matter. That requires us to stock the most effective equipment we can, within the budgets of our customers.


Following a review of the First Line Medic collection of kits, we have decided to replace our current chest seals with a more effective product.


Our previous chest seals, The FoxSeal Chest Seal featured an occlusive dressing - featuring a 'pull tab' to release pressure from the chest cavity. An internal review of the product has raised some concerns in the effectiveness of such a seal.


Following this review, we have made the decision to replace our current chest seals with the H*VENT Chest Seal, featuring a failsafe 6 vent system and is one of the lowest profile seals on the market.


The H*VENT Chest Seal has proven in internal testing to retain a seal during inhalation and to maintain a sustainable negative pressure (below ambient pressure) within the pleural space. This makes it our preferred chest seal for stocking within our kits.


Any purchases from this date (27/02/2020) will be shipped with the new product. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us help@firstlinemedic.com.




First Line Medic.