TPAK Chest Decompression Needle
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The 14 gauge TPAK chest decompression needle is in the recommended 3.25" length for treating a tension pneumothorax.

You can't count on a standard IV catheter to needle a chest deeply enough in needle thoracostomy. Our 14 gauge x 3.25" TPAK chest decompression needle is a compact, reliable solution for treating a tension pneumothorax.

Shock-resistant case ensures the needle/catheter is secure upon deployment, and the capless flash chamber gives instant confirmation of needle placement in prehospital needle thoracostomy.

TPAK comes in a rugged case, with a textured, easy-open hex cap.

-14 gauge x 3.25” chest decompression needle
- Strong, reliable tension pneumothorax needle allows for secure placement of catheter for continuous relief during needle thoracostomy
- Rugged tube with textured, easy-open hex cap
- Capless flash chamber for instant confirmation of needle placement
- Convenient, compact size for maximum portability
- Shock resistant, precision dimensioned case and needle hub ensure that chest decompression needle and catheter secure upon deployment for safety


Please Note: This item may only be used by advanced medics who have received training on this equipment. Improper use may have fatal consequences.

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