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In moments of trauma, seconds count. Our Essential Medic Kit is the last line of defence for those working in dangerous environments including police, military and those preparing for the worst.

We’ve built this kit with a focus on catastrophic haemorrhage - which accounts for 31% of deaths in victims of trauma. Whether dealing with a major car crash or personal attack, the Essential Medic Kit will support life until help arrives.

Comprising of a CAT tourniquet, H&H compressed gauze, Israeli pressure bandage, and a (vented) H*VENT Chest Seal - We’ve covered the major areas of haemorrhage including Limbs, Chest/Abdomen, Junctional Sites (Neck, Armpits, Groin) in various levels of severity to cover for any situation.

Designed to fit right into your pocket, the Essential Medic Kit is vacuum-sealed with a quick rip-to-open tab keeping contents clean and can be easily stowed in your combat trousers or bag.

- CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet
- H&H Compressed Gauze
- Israeli Emergency Pressure Bandage
- H*VENT Chest Seal (vented)
- Nitrile Gloves

- Small compact size that can fit in your pocket for easy access
- Quick tear strip makes it effortless to get to the contents of the package
- Must have for those on the battlefield or medical field


Please do not use any of First Line Medic's products if you are not sufficiently trained to use them. We do not accept any responsibility for any injuries caused by the misuse of our products.

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