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Our vehicle grab bag is based on its founder's very own Jump Bag, and features everything you'll need at the scene of an accident or trauma incident.

1x Elite Light Emergency Bag
6x Glove Pack
1x Laerdal CPR Face Mask
1x Timesco BVM Resuscitator

1x Trauma Sheers
1x ResQMe Window Punch & Seatbelt Cutter
1x MagoLite Solitaire Torch
1x Hand Sanitizer 50ml
1x Black Sharpie
1x Penlight Torch with Pupil Gauge
1x Assorted Guedel OP Airway
5x Wound Saline Wipes
1x Boo-boo plaster pack
1x CAT Tourniquet
4x H&H Compressed Gauze
1x Foxseal Chest Seal TWIN PACK
1x Israeli Bandage
3x T4 Trauma Dressing
2x T6 Trauma Dressing
1x Burn Stop Hydrogel Burn Dressing
1x Sam Splint 91.5 X 11.5CM
3x Reliswab Sterile Swab 7.5 x 7.5cm
2x Triangular Bandage
1x Safety Pins Bundle
3x SnapLight Lightstick
2x Survival Blanket
2x Instant Hot Pack
1x Heavy Duty Rescue Gloves
1x Warrior Safety Glasses

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