Nasosafe (NP) Nasopharyngeal Airway
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The Nasosafe (NP) Nasopharyngeal Airway is an essential piece of kit for all emergency responders. Using the nasal passage, the NPA allows you to open the airway of a patient and continue life-saving treatment elsewhere.

The advantage of NPA's over the OPA (oral adjunct) is that these can be used on conscious casualties.

The Nasosafe NP features a safety bevel, eliminating the risk of the airway from travelling down the nasal passage while providing the maximum comfort for the patient in time-critical emergencies.

- Nasosafe grip protects the nasopharyngeal airway from loss in the nasal passage
- Rounded edge of the tip combined with the angle cut design helps to reduce the risk of injury during intubation
- Better tolerated by patients than oropharyngeal airways
- Ideal when oral passage not accessible
- Allows access for nasotracheal suctioning
- Swivel grip provides maximum comfort and safety
- Grip can be rotated to avoid blocking the free nostril
- Size colour coded to match suction catheter colour coding
- Made from medical grade PVC


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