First Line Medic - Pocket Trauma Kit

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You never know when you’ll be called upon to save life and limb.

The First Line Medic - Pocket Trauma Kit is designed to provide you with key, life-saving equipment whether you’re a Police Officer, Soldier, Medic, or Member of the Public.

Stored in a pocket-sized vacuum pack, the kit has a low profile and will fit into most trouser pockets without being too obstructive. The kits feature a quick tear strip, allowing you to access the contents easily and quickly.

We’ve used our own experience to build the supplies in this kit, focusing on some of the most common injuries that you may come across.

None of the products in his kit require advanced medic training, however, make sure you do know how to use a TQ safely and effectively.

1x CAT tourniquet
1x H&H compressed gauze
1x Israeli Emergency Pressure Bandage
1x Pair Nitrile Glove

- Small compact size, pocket-sized kit
- Quick tear strip makes it effortless to access contents
- A must-have EDC kit for anyone with medical training.
- Perfect for Pockets, small bags, covert operations etc.

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